Psicosis II Slaps Konnan In The Street (w/Video)

Psicosis II Slaps Konnan In The Street (w/Video)

Last month Psicosis II (not the wrestler who wrestled for ECW, WCW, and WWE) had been asked by a fan why he hadn’t been on AAA television for over a year, and he blamed it on Konnan who works in creative. Konnan would reply saying that if Psicosis II was so talented, why aren’t any other promotions trying to book him. This lead to Psicosis II saying he would see Konnan January.

If you read Spanish, you can translate the tweets for yourself below.

With Konnan and Impact Wrestling being in Mexico, Psicosis II took it upon himself to visit the tapings and confront Konnan. Following an argument, Psicosis II viciously slapped Konnan, and you can watch the altercation below.

From those who have spoken to Konnan, he is playing the incident down and saying it wasn’t a big deal. His next podcast will likely be an intriguing listen.

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