Paul Heyman Takes Shot At Former WWE Talent Ryback

Paul Heyman Takes Shot At Former WWE Talent Ryback
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Ryback was aligned with Paul Heyman in 2013 as part of the former ECW head honcho’s feud with CM Punk. The pair’s relationship didn’t elevate the former Skip Sheffield, and it’s understood Ryback was unhappy working with Heyman. He’d later claim that Heyman had made his career from latching onto successful wrestlers.

Now during a recent virtual autograph signing with Highspots, Heyman has taken the opportunity to take his own shot at Ryback. He did this after being asked which wrestler he’d worked with previously that he knew would never become a big star.

Ryback. Would you like to know why Ryback? Because he was a schmuck.

Paul Heyman

Ryback’s career decline has been staggering as previously, he was one of the biggest stars WWE had. However, after leaving the company, he failed to capitalize on his prior success and has not wrestled since 2018 following a back injury that required over a dozen stem cell procedures. Late last year, he said he was training for a return and regularly teases wrestling for various promotions without actually following through. This has resulted in fans no longer taking him seriously, and many doubt he’ll regain his former glory.

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