Paul Heyman Comments On His WWE Contract Expiring

Paul Heyman Comments On His WWE Contract Expiring

In June 2019, Vince McMahon made Paul Heyman an instrumental part of WWE by giving him the role of executive director of Raw. During that time, he gave several talent opportunities such as Andrade, Zelina Vega, Aleister Black, Murphy, Humberto Carrillo, Akam, and Rezar. Vince wasn’t overly impressed with this and replaced him with Bruce Prichard one year later.

Despite this, Heyman remained on as a talent and is now associated with Roman Reigns in a key role on SmackDown. However, his talent contact is set to expire in May, and the former ECW boss was asked if he intends to stay with WWE during a recent interview with Sports Media with Richard Deitsch.

One would certainly hope so. I’ve always tried to avoid negotiating in public. I understand why some people do it, though. When I left WWE in 2006, I was the first person they didn’t go “we wish him well on his future endeavors.” Nobody knew when I was officially done with the company. We kept that between me and Vince McMahon because I didn’t feel it was anybody’s business at the time. And neither did WWE. I just don’t think it does WWE or Paul Heyman any good for me to negotiate a contract and agreement through the media in public. It doesn’t serve anybody. It’s not what I’m here to do. I’m an entertainer, or a director, producer of talent. I don’t think that’s what the public turns to me for.Paul Heyman

It’s hard to imagine WWE letting Heyman leave as he is too valuable in his role with Reigns. Plus, when Brock Lesnar inevitably returns to WWE, a match will be booked between him and Reigns, with Heyman being instrumental in the angle. While some fans may think AEW signing Heyman in a creative role would be a masterstroke, the belief is Tony Khan is happy with his current creative process. Hence, if Heyman wants to remain in the wrestling industry on big money, it appears WWE is his best option.