Mick Foley Trends After Telling WWE “We’ve Got A Problem”

Mick Foley Trends After Telling WWE “We’ve Got A Problem”
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Mick Foley is a WWE legend and firmly in the WWE family, working on multiple projects with them over the last year. So given that, it was unexpected to find out he has questioned the promotions creative process in a video shared across his social media accounts. In the video, he explains that WWE needs to take AEW seriously when attracting new talent, specifically mentioning the poor job being done with Karrion Kross. But, most surprisingly, he even reveals that he isn’t sure he’d trust WWE today with his career if he were an aspiring talent.

The sentiment isn’t unique, with countless fans sharing similar opinions, however coming from Foley, given his relationship with the company, it is shocking. It’s clear from the video Foley cares for WWE and just wants them to do better by their talents. Perhaps given his legendary status, WWE management will actually listen because AEW is becoming the place to be.

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