Matt Hardy Wants Jeff To Join Him In AEW

Matt Hardy Wants Jeff To Join Him In AEW

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about Jeff Hardy’s booking in WWE. While fans see him as a star, it appears management currently doesn’t, and this was evident when he was used following a 24/7 Championship match simply to catch Reggie. This resulted in Hardy trending on Twitter with fans saying he should leave and join his brother in AEW. Obviously, this is easier said than done, and Jeff has years remaining on his WWE contract. However, it seems Matt hasn’t given up hope that one day he will be able to reunite in AEW, as during a recent interview with Adam’s Apple, he would confirm he wants that.


Fingers crossed, man!Matt Hardy

Matt and Jeff last teamed on a SmackDown houseshow back in 2019. It was at this point the brother’s contracts went out of sync as Jeff injured his knee, and his contract was put on hold while he recovered. Matt’s contract would go on to expire, and he opted to sign with AEW, while Jeff now had time remaining with WWE. Jeff would then sign a new multi-year deal, which at the time seemed a sensible decision as he was being pushed. Although in recent months, he has begun wrestling on Main Event and being used to put others over and not having storylines.

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