Limp Bizkit Share New Music With Fans

Original Photo Credit: ECarterSterling |
Original Photo Credit: ECarterSterling |

Limp Bizkit’s previous studio album “Gold Cobra” came out in 2011. Critics were overall positive, but it failed to achieve anymore close to the success of their four previous albums, which all went platinum. Since then, fans have eagerly awaited their next album, which is rumored to be titled “Stampede of the Disco Elephants.”

Wes Borland, the guitarist and backing vocalist of the band, has stated previously that 35 songs were recorded instrumentally. Still, the delay was down to frontman Fred Durst being unhappy with his vocals. Now though, it appears things are progressing, and Durst, a known perfectionist is happy with his singing again as a new song titled called “Dad Vibes” is now available.

Fans who attended Lollapalooza back in July were treated to the track, however, at the time, it wasn’t the music that had fans talking. Instead, it was Durst’s appearance that captured all the headlines. The nu-metal icon would trend on social media after revealing he had given up his baggy clothes and trademark red cap. Instead, he would perform sporting a vastly different look, now having longish gray hair, a mustache, and wearing a dress shirt.