Lana Breaks Down In Tears While Talking About Mean Fans On Social Media

Lana Breaks Down In Tears While Talking About Mean Fans On Social Media

Lana is the subject of the latest episode of WWE Chronicle and documents events from October 20, 2020, to November 16, 2020. During one segment, the producer asks Lana about remaining positive, and she breaks down first talking about there being no fans in attendance and then not being able to travel with Miro, who she seemingly couldn’t refer to by name. She’d go on to say fans are mean to her on social media and post comments like “you should be fired,” “why are you not fired?” and “you suck.” This lead to her asking her parents to pray for her because her mental health was suffering. You can watch an excerpt of this upsetting interview for yourself below.

Lana should be living a great life as a WWE superstar, but she clearly isn’t. Last year she was on the receiving end of death threats due to her storyline with Bobby Lashley and earlier this year threatened to quit social media due to her cyberbullies. Hopefully, some of the so-called fans who wish ill upon her will rethink after seeing how much distressing it is causing her.

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