La Parka Has Left Hospital Following Neck Injuries Sustained In October

La Parka Has Left Hospital Following Neck Injuries Sustained In October

Back in October, we reported that AAA star Jesus Alfonso Huerta Escoboza, who is the second La Parka, suffered head and neck injuries. They were so severe that at one point they were considered life threating.

The video below (recorded by Roberto Figueroa) shows him cracking his head on the barricade and then the floor. He was rushed to a local hospital where he has only recently been able to leave.


A few days later, his son, who wrestles as Karis La Momia Jr, would tell reporters:

“Thank God he is very well, he is recovering. Day by day, he is trying to move on, just today in the morning he started talking and breathing on his own, he was in intensive care, and he is going to intermediate therapy.”


We now understand that despite the injury occurring at an at a Kaoz Lucha Libre independent show, that AAA is looking after him. He is recovering in Monterrey in a house that that AAA owns. On top of that, AAA has covered all of his medical costs, estimated to currently be $157,000.

Here is hoping that La Parka continues to make progress towards a full recovery.

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