Kurt Angle Says His Quality Of Life Sucks

Kurt Angle Says His Quality Of Life Sucks

Kurt Angle broke his neck five times throughout his career. Famously once during the Olympics, and a further four times in a WWE ring. He would also injure his knees doing a moonsault off the top of a cage in TNA, and sadly he is still suffering the effects.

When asked is he would repeat his career by the TKO YouTube show he told the host:

I don’t know. I mean, I’m hurting pretty badly. My knees, my back, my neck. Sometimes I think about, would I go back? My quality of life right now sucks. So I do have a lot of suffering.Kurt Angle

These injuries would force Angle to retire at Wrestlemania 35 in April last year after putting Baron Corbin over in his final match. Angle would go on to get stem cell treatment at BioXcellarator in Colombia, where treatment starts at $7,500. Unfortunately, it does not seem to have yet resulted in the improvements he had hoped for.

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