Konnan Criticized For Skinny-Shaming A Former WWE Talent

Konnan Criticized For Skinny-Shaming A Former WWE Talent

Lucha libre legend Konnan has developed a reputation as a controversial wrestling podcaster due to not being afraid to share his opinion even if it upsets people. However, it appears he has now overstepped the line after criticizing the body of former WWE star Aliyah, who he called “almost anorexic skinny” during his latest episode. This would see him receive much condemnation online, with NXT’s Karmen Petrovic advising him and others to “Stop commenting on women’s bodies.

“My problem with Aliyah was that her work was not that good, okay? And, She was like almost anorexic skinny. I was like this girl needs a steak or a protein drink or both.”


29-year-old Aliyah, real name Nhooph Al-Areebi, decided to become a pro wrestler after watching a match between Beth Phoenix and Mickie James, and following two years on the indie circuit, she was signed by WWE in 2015. Yet, after failing to become a big star with the company during her eight-year run, she was released in September 2023, which wasn’t a big surprise as she hadn’t wrestled for over a year. In fact, it currently isn’t known whether she even intends to continue her wrestling career post-WWE, as lately, she has been working as a nightclub DJ under the name DJ Nhooph.