Kenny Omega Reveals Where He Sees Himself Being In Ten Years, And It Isn’t In The Ring

Kenny Omega Reveals Where He Sees Himself Being In Ten Years, And It Isn’t In The Ring

Kenny Omega, along with Michael Nakazawa, held a seminar last weekend at Tokai University in Japan. The seminar focused on the state of the industry, the difference between pro wrestling in Japan and America, plus a Q&A.

Omega would discuss many topics, including the state of the business in America, where he informed those in attendance there are three major companies; WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling, choosing to omit ROH. He’d say backstage politics are the worst in America, that he considered New Japan to be his home and thought he’d retire there, plus his favorite match in AEW is either the tag match at Revolution or the Iron Man match against Pac.

He’d add that he feels he still has great matches left in him, but there’s not much left for him to do. He’d then reveal that he definitely won’t be wrestling in ten years, but would still like to be part of the business. He instead sees himself focusing on his real passion, which is gaming and being involved in the video game industry.

Video games inspired Kenny Omega’s persona, and even his name comes from the character “Omega Weapon” in the Final Fantasy video game series. He has also previously hosted a YouTube series called Cleaner’s Corner, where he played video games and often attends gaming conventions. At present, he is also heavily involved in making an AEW video game become a reality, which should open plenty of doors for him to have a second career when he is ready to step away from the ring.

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