John Mellencamp Sends Warning To Drunks Planning To See Him Perform

John Mellencamp Sends Warning To Drunks Planning To See Him Perform
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Veteran rocker John Mellencamp made headlines last month when he went off on a fan and briefly stopped his show early at a concert in Toledo. An audience member yelled out for Mellencamp to “play some music,” during one of his breaks between songs. 

“What do you think I’ve been doing, you c*cksucker?” he replied from the stage. “Here’s the thing, man. You don’t know me. You don’t f*cking know me. Hey Joe, find this guy and let me see him after the show.”

After trying to finish his story, Mellencamp was interrupted again. He responded: “Guys, I can stop this show right now and just go home,” he told the crowd. “Tell you what I’m gonna do. Since you’ve been so wonderful, I’m gonna cut about 10 songs out of the show. Here we go.”

He played a few seconds of “Jack & Diane” before stopping and saying, “Know what? Show’s over.” Although he did end up coming back out to play the rest of his set. 

In a new interview with The Washington Post, Mellencamp talked about how his show has changed and what he expects from his audiences nowadays. “It just hits me sideways,” he said. “I do expect etiquette inside of the theater, the same way you would at a Broadway show. My shows are not really concerts anymore. They’re performances, and there’s a difference between a performance and a concert.”

He concluded: “Look, I’m not for everyone anymore. I’m just not. And if you want to come and scream and yell and get drunk, don’t come to my show.”

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