Joey Ryan Files Lawsuit Against Impact Wrestling’s Parent Company

Joey Ryan Files Lawsuit Against Impact Wrestling’s Parent Company

During the Speaking Out movement, Impact Wrestling talents Joey Ryan, Michael Elgin, and Dave Crist were accused of misconduct. Ryan and Crist’s contracts were terminated, and Elgin was suspended and then left the promotion.

It’s now been revealed by PWInsider that Joey Ryan has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Impact Wrestling’s parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment, in Nashville, TN. He is claiming breach of contract as they did not follow the terms of his agreement by failing to notify him of the issue in writing and allowing him a five-day cure period. Anthem now has until Saturday, October 24th, to respond to the suit.

This is the sixth lawsuit that Joey Ryan has filed in the past several weeks, with the others being against his accusers, who he claims damaged his reputation and cost him $20,000 in monthly income.

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