Joey Jordison’s Estate Sues Slipknot

Joey Jordison’s Estate Sues Slipknot
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Former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison sadly passed away in 2021 at the age of 46. Jordison performed on the band’s first four studio albums and co-founded the now-legendary metal group.  

TMZ has reported that Jordison’s estate has now filed a lawsuit against the band he helped create claiming that the group kicked him out of the group via e-mail a decade ago and that Slipknot has profited off his passing. The lawsuit also claims that Slipknot has failed to give back “at least 22 items” belonging to the drummer despite “promising to return all of Jordison’s belongings.” Those items include musical instruments, gear and wardrobe. 

“After abruptly kicking Jordison out of Slipknot in 2013, (Corey) Taylor and (Michael Shawn “Clown”) Crahan expressly promised in a written agreement to return all of Jordison’s belongings in exchange for Jordison’s promise to release certain claims against” them, the complaint reads. 

“The agreement contained a non-exclusive list of broad categories of items that Taylor and Crahan represented were in their possession and that they would return to Jordison. Taylor and Crahan purported to comply with the agreement by returning certain items to Jordison but, unbeknownst to Jordison, they had executed the agreement with no intention of performing their obligations thereunder, and knowingly concealed from Jordison that they possessed numerous other items belonging to Jordison that they never returned to him.”

The lawsuit continued: “While family, friends, and fans mourned the loss of the legendary drummer, neither bandmate expressed condolences to Jordison’s family after his passing. Instead, Taylor and Crahan heartlessly sought to profit off of Jordison’s death. Slipknot released a new album in 2022 titled ‘The End, So Far’. Fan reviews of the album rarely miss the opportunity to lament Jordison’s absence. Taylor and Crahan callously used Jordison’s death as marketing for their new album. Taylor publicly dedicated ‘The End, So Far’ to Jordison, claiming that the realization of Jordison’s passing ‘crept in’ while making the album. Taylor even acknowledged that he and Crahan had mistreated Jordison in an interview, telling fans that they ‘were hoping to mend fences with him, and it’s one of those things that tells you: whatever you need to do, do it now, because you never know when you’re gonna lose somebody.’ Perhaps worst of all, Crahan and Taylor publicly lied to fans that they had contacted Jordison’s family to check on them and express their condolences and love for Jordison in the wake of his passing. This was utterly false, and deeply upsetting for Jordison’s family to read such a blatant lie on the internet. It is clear that Taylor and Crahan did not actually care about Jordison or his family; they cared only about drumming up publicity and sales of the new album.”

According to the complaint, Taylor and Crahan “have continued to profit off Jordison’s death and his grieving fanbase to this day, by displaying Jordison’s belongings at a traveling Slipknot museum called Knotfest. The museum has made numerous tour stops over the course of several years and [Taylor and Crahan] have profited handsomely from Jordison’s fans’ willingness to pay admission fees to view Jordison’s iconic belongings in person.”

Slipknot has denied the claims and has asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed. 

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