Jim Ross Credits Tony Khan For Saving His Life

Jim Ross Credits Tony Khan For Saving His Life

On the latest episode of Jim Ross’ podcast “Grillin’ JR,” he acknowledges that AEW founder and president Tony Khan saved his life by hiring for AEW while he was going through a rough time.

For those unaware Ross’ wife, Jan tragically died after suffering serious head injuries in a road accident in 2017.

Ross said on the episode:

“At this stage in my life where you’re an empty nester, and you lost your best friend, she’s no longer there I need to stay busy.”

“I love to travel. Tony Khan saved my life, I believe that. Because I like getting up now and going somewhere. Every Tuesday morning I’m up at 4 or 5 o’clock at the latest to catch a plane, first flight out, boom I’m going to the city to have our production meeting on Tuesday night and then our show on Wednesday. So I got a direction now and a destination.”

WWE really let him down by putting him out to pasture. It’s great he now has AEW and his podcast to focus on and keep himself occupied.

In case you missed it:

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