How Many Band T-Shirts Are Worn By People Who’ve Never Heard The Band?

How Many Band T-Shirts Are Worn By People Who’ve Never Heard The Band?
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Rock and metal fans are a passionate bunch, and they proudly wear their colors by purchasing band T-shirts, patches, hats and other accessories. A relatively newer trend, however, is band shirts that are worn in terms of fashion and how they look rather than being worn by an actual fan of a band or bands. 

A new survey by T-shirt printer Custom Inks reveals some interesting data. Some of the highlights: 

  • 34% of Americans aren’t bothered by wearing a T-shirt from a tour or concert they didn’t attend. 
  • 10% of survey-takers are fine with wearing a T-shirt from an artist or band they’ve never actually listened to. 
  • Metal fans are the most “financially devoted” to band apparel, with the average metal fan spending around $500 on band shirts during their lifetime (though that number seems alarmingly low). It comes out to around $100 more than fans of other genres. 
  • Testament T-shirts are the most popular by search volume, followed by Trivium and Like Moths to Flames. 
  • On average, fans have six music-themed T-shirts (again, this seems very low for metal fans). 
  • 30% of those surveyed have no problem seeing other people wear T-shirts from bands they don’t listen to. 

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