Heath Slater Hospitalized Following Bound For Glory

Heath Slater Hospitalized Following Bound For Glory

Impact Wrestling’s biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory, took place on Saturday night and was meant to be a memorable night in the career of Heath Miller, who wrestled as Heath Slater in WWE. The storyline was that if either Heath or Rhino won the 20 wrestler intergender Call Your Shot gauntlet match, Heath would get a full-time contract with the promotion. However, Heath, who was booked to win, suffered an injury resulting in the finish changing.

Obviously, in pain, Heath as holding stomach and was on the mat for several minutes. Impact Wrestling decided to call an audible, and Sami Callihan eliminated Heath, and instead, Rhino won the match.

Following the match, Heath would be hospitalized and tweeted the below photo, showing him receiving treatment. He was still at the hospital as of Sunday morning.

As of writing, it is unknown how serious his injury is, but it’s believed he suffered an abdomen tear or rupture. Impact Wrestling had big plans for Heath, so hopefully, he can make a speedy recovery for both parties.

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