GoFundMe Launched For “Superstar” Billy Graham

GoFundMe Launched For “Superstar” Billy Graham

Billy Graham has been in ill health for many years due to suffering from liver problems and has reportedly been close to death several times. In fact, less than a year ago, the 79-year-old was hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic due to an irregular heartbeat and fluid in his lungs, and seven months ago had a toe amputated.

Thankfully, he could pull through all those ordeals; however, he recently had an ear infection that spread to his skull, which resulted in complications leaving him fighting for his life. So now the WWE Hall of Famer is asking fans to assist with his medical bills via GoFundMe.

Friends, Wayne (Billy) has had a very rough run lately. He coded, but God decided that it was not his time to go, and brought him back to us! He is going on over three weeks in the Mayo hospital ICU, checked into a rehab center, and is now back at the Mayo. He is dealing with a myriad of very serious health issues: a major infection in his ears and skull that may take six months of intravenous IVs, congestive heart failure, diabetes, hearing loss as a result of the infection, and the list goes on. He is facing a long period of rehab, and his insurance will only pay a portion of this. He is facing at least two months in a skilled nursing facility, once he is stabilized and released from the Mayo hospital. Wayne has lost 45 pounds in the last three weeks.

Billy Graham's GoFundMe

For those unaware, Graham is a former bodybuilder who became one of the biggest draws in pro wrestling history by helping sell out Madison Square Garden 19 out of the 20 times he main-evented. While not considered a great worker, he was, and still is, incredibly charismatic and influenced Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, Dusty Rhodes, and Scott Steiner through his look and promos.

While best known for his time with WWE, he also wrestled for the AWA, NWA, and New Japan getting over everywhere he went. Unfortunately, due to health issues stemming from steroid abuse, he had to retire in 1987, with his final program being with Butch Reed.