Gail Kim & Velvet Sky Donate Money To Impact Wrestling Stylist Who Was Scammed Out Of Savings

Gail Kim & Velvet Sky Donate Money To Impact Wrestling Stylist Who Was Scammed Out Of Savings

Impact Wrestling stylist Caroline Van Haaster has shared the sad news that she was recently robbed of her savings. This happened after a scammer spoofed Bank of America’s phone number and wiped out most of her bank account via 13 Zelle transactions. And while she has filed a claim with the bank, she has been told the funds will likely never be recovered, and they will not provide her credit to help her meet her financial obligations. Therefore she has launched a GoFundMe and is asking for $20,000.

Hi, my name is Caroline and I style and create the hair and makeup for the wrestlers of Impact Wrestling. Sadly, I am one of the customers affected by the Bank of America (BoA) and Zelle scam. In less than a 12-hour period, over thirteen Zelle transfers to three separate names, were cleared by BoA.

Not once did BoA text, call, or email me about the multiple transfers that ranged from the hundreds to the thousands to determine whether the transfers were legitimately authorized by me. One amount was for over $9,000! When I contacted Bank of America, the BoA representative informed me that their phone number had been “spoofed” and that the fraudulent charges were scams and, in their words, “not fraud.”

Caroline Van Haaster

As of writing, Van Haaster has received $2,750 from 18 generous donors, and among them are Gail Kim and Velvet Sky, who she has previously worked with, showing how highly they think of her. Hopefully, now with her problem receiving publicity in the wrestling community, the bank and police will take the crime seriously and do all they can to retrieve her funds. However, in the meantime, if you are in a position to help, you can do so via this link.

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