FOZZY To Commemorate Major Milestone

FOZZY To Commemorate Major Milestone

A quarter of a century has passed since the formation of FOZZY, and the band has achieved numerous accolades since their humble start as what was initially a cover band. They’ve charted a half dozen Top 10 Mainstream Rock Radio hits, earned a gold record, played for hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide and garnered tens of millions of YouTube views and song streams. 

Earlier this week, the band announced a fall 2024 tour to commemorate 25 years. “It’s hard to believe that a band that was once accused of being a ‘wrestler’s vanity project,’ has now amassed six Top 10 Mainstream Rock Radio hits, released eight albums, toured the world in over 20 countries, and earned a GOLD RECORD,” said singer Chris Jericho. 

“But we have, and we’ve been doing it for 25 YEARS. Not many bands can say that, and out of the ones that can, not many of those can say they are currently at their creative, artistic, and commercial peaks. Yet FOZZY can and we are damn proud of it! That’s why we are so excited to bring our 25th-anniversary celebration to your city over the next 18 months, starting in October. We have built a reputation of being a band you don’t wanna miss, and we take great pride in that because it’s the truth!”

“So, as always, crank up the music, buy your tickets early, and wear a helmet. Because this is our 25th-year rock ‘n’ roll party…and we aren’t f’ing around. See you soon!”

Joining FOZZY on tour will be The Nocturnal Affair and Clozure. Tickets, VIP and VIP Guest Member packages go on sale Friday, March 29 at

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