FFDP Guitarist Provides Update On Marilyn Manson’s Health Ahead Of Tour

FFDP Guitarist Provides Update On Marilyn Manson’s Health Ahead Of Tour
Original Photo Credit: Andreas Lawen, Fotandi - via CC BY-SA 3

Some rock and metal fans were surprised to hear that shock rocker Marilyn Manson would be heading out on a tour when it was announced about a month ago. Manson is hitting the road as support of Five Finger Death Punch in August. 

FFDP guitarist Zoltan Bathory talked about having Manson on the tour and provided a health update on the singer saying he’s been “sober and clean.” Manson was embroiled in several lawsuits alleging his abuse and assault of women. He’s countersued a number of his alleged victims, and several of the abuse lawsuits against him have been dismissed. 

“Manson hasn’t been out on the road for a while, so a lot of people wanna see him,” Bathory told The Jesea Lee Show. “At one point he was one of the most iconic artists on planet earth. So he’s back on stage, back in the saddle. That’s gonna be amazing. He’s also sober and clean, so we always support that, obviously. Ivan (Moody) had a dark period, and he was gone, man. My little brother was on the brink of dying, man, and he came back from that. And he’s clean and sober for six years. If he can do it, somebody who was that gone can do it, and he’s now a different man, then it’s a good example for anyone else.”

Bathory continued: “If you’re struggling, man, don’t give up. You can come back from that. And Manson is sober and he’s staying clean and doing the work, so also we’re supporting that. So it’s gonna be an amazing tour.”

Manson allegedly has a new album ready to release at some point, but nothing official has surfaced on that front. His last new music came with 2020’s “We Are Chaos” album, and he has been off the road since 2019. 

Bathory’s full interview can be viewed below. 

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