CM Punk Shares His Side Of All In Altercation With Jack Perry

CM Punk Shares His Side Of All In Altercation With Jack Perry

CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe kicked off the main All-In card last August; however, the match almost didn’t occur due to Punk and Jack Perry’s now notorious backstage confrontation. And now, for the first time, Punk has opened up about that incident during a new interview with Ariel Helwani.

In this, he would reveal that he did, in fact, confront Perry after his “Real glass. Go cry me a river” comment during the pre-show, although it was Perry who wanted to make it physical, and therefore, Punk “choked somebody a little bit.”

“Jack came back from his match; I was in the next match. I’m sitting there, and I got I got people with me. I’m not going to say who they are, you know, because I got a lot of friends who work there, and I wish them all well, and I don’t want them to be punished because they’re friends with me, you know? And I walk up to him, and I’m just like, Jack, why do you insist on doing this dumb internet shit like on TV, you know? And he’s just like, ‘well, if you got a problem about it, do something about it.’

I was just like, man, come on, man. Well, you know, I’ll f*cking kill you. Like, what are we doing? You know? And it just, you know, it’s like Chael says, sometimes you just can’t let you get close. You know, I thought I was doing a responsible thing, you know? I didn’t punch anybody. I just choked somebody a little bit. Samoa Joe was there, told me to stop, and then I quit.”

CM Punk

The day following the altercation, AEW suspended Punk and Perry and subsequently fired Punk, as this wasn’t the first time things had gotten physical between him and another talent. And while this decision disappointed many AEW fans, at least they have his memorable AEW in-ring run to look back at fondly, which, thanks to his match with Joe, finished on a high.