Chris Jericho Gives Potential Timetable For New FOZZY Single

Chris Jericho Gives Potential Timetable For New FOZZY Single

A few months back, FOZZY singer Chris Jericho discussed what bothers him about recording full records. Jericho also said that the band was working on a new song, and that periodic singles may be the band’s blueprint for releasing new music into the future. 

“We released ‘Boombox’ back, almost a year ago now,” Jericho said. “And it’s kind of a bad thing about a record, is you put all this time and all this heart and soul into 12 songs. Three of ’em are singles; all of ’em went Top 10. Three more of them we play live; they all go over great. And six of them just kind of disappear into the FOZZY song graveyard.”

Jericho again recently commented on how the band was planning to approach new music in the future during an interview with Rock 100.5. 

“I think that maybe the days of doing full-length records for us are done. We spent the better part of three years on [‘Boombox’] and we had three Top 10 hits — ‘Sane’, ‘Nowhere To Run’ and ‘I Still Burn’ — and we played three other songs live: ‘The Vulture Club’, ‘Purifier’, ‘Relax’.”

“But the other six songs are kind of gone; they’re, like, residing in the FOZZY dead-song burial ground. Because you can’t really play them live, ’cause you can only do so much new material live, ’cause we have so many other songs we have to do. And they weren’t released as singles, so you spend all the time on ‘Army Of One’ and ‘Omen’ and ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’ — those are all great tunes — ‘My Great Wall’, ‘Ugly [On The Inside]’; those could all be hits. So instead of releasing those types of songs on an album where they’re not gonna be heard, we’re gonna, I think, start releasing one song at a time. And instead of waiting two years for a new FOZZY record, there’ll be a new song every four or five months. I think that’s the way to do it. And that’s what we’re gonna start doing. We’re actually working on our new song right now, which should be out hopefully in the fall.”

Last year, FOZZY released the critically acclaimed “Boombox” album, and has been touring on and off in support of it ever since. The band just recently embarked on a U.S. tour with Ugly Kid Joe.

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