Booker T Seemingly Announces Retirement Following Royal Rumble Match

Booker T Seemingly Announces Retirement Following Royal Rumble Match

Booker T found out shortly before the Rumble match that he was going to be taking Rey Mysterio’s spot, and thankfully, due to being a consummate professional, he had his ring gear with him. Now though, it appears he will be hanging up his boots for good, as he revealed during his latest podcast episode that the 40-yard walk to the ring had him realize he shouldn’t be anyone near that ring and that it’s a young man’s game.

I’m dead man. I’m dead this time. I’m serious, man don’t just Rumble and let me know man, you know like I said the adrenaline you know that I got out of it the rush you know what a rush it was you know you don’t get a you don’t get tired it never gets old that never gets old, but the whole body does.

The whole body, man, just you know you can’t push yourself too hard like that man’s got to know his limitations and just making that 40-yard walk that I had to make it to Alamo Dome let me know that I don’t need to be nowhere near that ring that I appreciate you guys man I love you guys for uh thinking about me like that I really do, but man that’s a young man’s game.

Booker T

57-year-old Booker T hasn’t wrestled regularly since 2012 but has made sporadic appearances for his own Reality of Wrestling promotion. So while he is clearly done on the large stage, it will be interested o see if he still competes occasionally from himself to help sell tickets. Nevertheless, anyone hoping to see Booker T in a WWE ring again will surely be disappointed.