Bad Wolves & Former Lead Singer Tommy Vext Settle Their Lawsuits

Bad Wolves & Former Lead Singer Tommy Vext Settle Their Lawsuits
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Thomas Cummings, who performs as Tommy Vext, courted controversy due to his political beliefs, comments on Black Lives Matter, and claims made by an ex-girlfriend. Subsequently, Vext departed Bad Wolves with it initially claimed by the singer he was forced out, although he’d later say he quit and would go on to file a lawsuit. This was then followed by Better Noise Music suing Vext for illegally posting unreleased music videos and audio recordings on Patreon and Instagram.

The whole situation was a total mess, and it appeared lawyers were going to get wealthy trying to resolve these issues. Now though, it has been confirmed via a statement issued to that both sides have settled. Specifically, it would state that settling was beneficial for everyone involved and that there were no winners or losers.

Bad Wolves and its co-founder John Boecklin, alongside their label Better Noise, manager 10th Street Entertainment, and publisher 5-19, have collectively resolved their disputes with Tommy Vext. A partnership can sometimes lead to divorce. Artists have creative differences and argue over songs, credits, and much more; however, if both sides believe in their own talents, they find a path to go their separate ways. This is a settlement with no winners and no losers; it’s beneficial to everyone in order to move on and bury the hatchet. This is a new beginning and a bright future for all those concerned. We’re all excited to get back to what’s important, and that’s the music. Bad Wolves and Tommy wish each other the best going forward, and ask that their fans respect this decision.

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Vext is now a solo performer, although the album he was set to release thanks to raising funds via GoFundMe had to be scrapped due to what he described as being “financially bullied into submission.” He is now awaiting legal sign-off to release a covers album he has completed. However, Bad Wolves have had no such difficulties and have just released their third studio album titled Dear Monsters, which features new lead vocalist Daniel Lasckiewicz.