Average XFL Player Salary Revealed

Average XFL Player Salary Revealed

The XFL draft began this week, and the average player salary has been revealed to be $$55,000; this is up from the $45,000 average salary for a player during the original XFL’s run in 2001. The player’s contracts will run Dec. 4, 2019, through May 31, 2020.

It should be noted that the salary for starting quarterbacks salary isn’t included in that figure, as they will have a different pay grade and potentially earn almost 10x as much as their teammates with an annual salary of up to $495,000.

To compare these figures to what NFL players earn, the league minimum is $480,000, and the average salary is $495,000.

Vince McMahon is personally funding the XFL via Alpha Entertainment LLC. He initially sold $100 million in WWE stock in December in 2017, and then an additional $270 million in March 2019. The league is scheduled to start in February 2020.

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