AJ Styles Spoke With The Young Bucks About Joining AEW

AJ Styles Spoke With The Young Bucks About Joining AEW

AJ Styles’ Twitch channel is always good for wrestling news, and on a recent stream, he confirmed what many always believed, and that was he spoke to All Elite Wrestling before he signed his latest WWE contract.

Yeah, there were talks. Look, it’s a business. My contract in WWE was going to expire, and there were talks happening.

The Bucks are my buddies. We never discussed money or anything, but there were talks about coming in. Again, it’s all business.AJ Styles

AEW tried to bring in Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to appear on Dynamite’s first episode last year. Instead, they re-signed with WWE despite AEW having big plans for them. However, on a Talk N’ Shop podcast, Matt Jackson did confirm that he had hoped to bring in a third man, who he refused to names in addition to Gallows and Anderson. Based on Styles’ comments and relationship with the duo, it seems very likely he was the third man.

It’s now highly doubtful we’ll ever see Styles in AEW as he has repeatedly stated he thinks about retirement regularly and that his current contract with WWE will be his last. It’s certainly a fascinating what-if scenario to contemplate.

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