AEW Postpone Wednesday’s ‘Blood & Guts’ Match

AEW Postpone Wednesday’s ‘Blood & Guts’ Match

All Elite Wrestling is endeavoring to continue with weekly Dynamite episodes at present, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tony Khan has decided the time is not appropriate for the highly anticipated “Blood & Guts” match to take place.

It isn’t known when the War Games inspired match between Cody, Matt Jackson, Page, Omega, and new signing Matt Hardy going against Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle will take place. But Dynamite this Wednesday will instead have Jericho confronting Hardy face-to-face continuing the angle.

The name Blood & Guts was a shot at Vince McMahon, who referred to All Elite Wrestling as “Blood and Guts,” a term the AEW would joyfully go on to trademark.

In case you missed it:

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