AEW Bring Back Former WCW PPV Event Name

AEW Bring Back Former WCW PPV Event Name

AEW has announced on Twitter that their Dynamite show scheduled for January 15th in Miami, Florida is now titled “Bash at the Beach.”

The name was previously used for WCW’s annual July PPV event between 1994 and 2000. WWE took ownership of the name but have not used it since and let the trademark expiry.

Cody Rhodes would register the trademark March this year. According to this link he also owns Battlebowl, Bunkhouse Stampede, and The Match Beyond as well.

It should be noted WWE can continue to show old WCW events with this name on the Network, they just can’t make future events named “Bash at the Beach.”

The name itself has significance in pro wrestling history as it was the event Hulk Hogan turned heel as became the third member of the NWO.

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