AC/DC Rumored To Be Hiring New Bassist

AC/DC Rumored To Be Hiring New Bassist
Original Photo Credit: Matt Becker, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams has been with the band since their 1978 “Powerage” album. One of the most underrated bass players in rock, he’s been a study in unselfish support. Alongside drummer Phil Rudd and late rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, Williams has helped forge one of the most iconic rhythm sections in all of the genre. 

Williams previously announced he was retiring back in 2016 following the death of Malcolm Young, hearing issues that forced singer Brian Johnson to exit the group, as well as the then-legal problems of Rudd. 

“Losing Malcolm, the thing with Phil, and now with Brian, it’s a changed animal,” Williams told Gulfshore Life at the time. “I feel in my gut it’s the right thing.” 

AC/DC did, however, triumphantly return with their 2020 album, “Power Up,” and Johnson, Williams and Rudd were all in tow. Williams and Johnson were also with the group for their first show in seven years last October at the PowerTrip festival in California. 

Comedian Dean Delray is a massive AC/DC fan, and even fronts his own all-star Bon Scott AC/DC tribute annually. He also interviewed the band for his “Let There Be Talk” podcast following the release of “Power Up.” 

On Saturday, Delray took to X and posted that he’s heard that AC/DC will be touring again at some point, but it won’t be with Williams. “Ok last night I heard from a very reliable source that AC/DC will be touring with a new Bass Player this year,” Delray wrote. “I’m not gonna say who it is i’ll let AC/DC make that announcement but I will say this, 3 years ago I had Cliff Williams on my podcast and he (said) he would not be touring again.”

That clip of Williams discussing his future with AC/DC can be heard below. 

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