WWE Rewrite History Regarding Purchase Of WCW On ‘Table For 3’

WWE Rewrite History Regarding Purchase Of WCW On ‘Table For 3’

As the saying goes “history is written by the victors” and that was certainly in evidence on last night’s “Table For 3” with Shane McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and Bruce Prichard.

In the clip shared by WWE’s Twitter account, it is stated nobody other than John Laurinaitis and WCW’s lawyers knew about the sale of WCW to WWE before Shane McMahon made the announcement to the wrestlers and WCW employees before Nitro.

The only problem with that is it was completely public days beforehand. WWE had even issued a press release the prior Friday which is still available on their website.

It was also the lead story on WCW’s official website and was the main topic of conversation on Dave Meltzer’s popular Eyada show.

WCW employees and wrestlers didn’t know what their futures were, but to say they didn’t know about the sale is disingenuous.

So please remember when you watch WWE historical shows they are strictly for entertainment purposes.

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