WWE Potentially Bringing Back Sin Cara Character

WWE Potentially Bringing Back Sin Cara Character

In February 2011, WWE held a press conference revealing they had signed Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde, who was a massive star in Mexico as Místico and would be competing as Sin Cara. He was expected to receive a big push and become a massive star, but just over three months after debuting, he received a 30-day suspension for a wellness violation. While suspended, Jose Jorge Arriaga Rodriguez would wrestle under the mask. He’d take over the role of Sin Cara full-time once Urive left WWE in 2014, and his run as the character lasted until late 2019 when he requested and was granted his release.

It was presumed the Sin Cara character was finished, but on the 21st October, WWE filed two new trademarks for Sin Cara merchandise with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Potentially, this could signify WWE is looking to bring the character back, and they already hold the trademark on the name as a wrestling performer until 2023. Arriaga now competes under the name Cinta de Oro in Mexico but could return. However, a new performer is more likely to be chosen to wrestle under the mask if WWE plans to bring the character back.

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