WWE In Legal Dispute With Kansas City Chiefs Player

WWE In Legal Dispute With Kansas City Chiefs Player

Apart from being the star defensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs, Chris Jones has been working on expanding his brand. Since January 2019, he has been selling a range of sodas under the name “Stone Cold Jones Sodas,” in conjunction with KC Soda that feature his likeness. Their popularity is growing, and numerous flavors are available, including South Beach Lemonade, Wake Up It’s Gameday Espresso Soda, Mississippi Mud Chocolate Cream, and Berry The Niners, as you can see below.

Unsurprisingly marketing them under this name has resulted in a legal dispute with WWE due to the use of “Stone Cold,” a trademark WWE owns along with the trademark “Stone Cold Steve Austin.” Vince McMahon’s legal team formally filed a dispute on September 14th, claiming that the “Stone Cold” trademark is both uniquely and exclusively associated with WWE and indelibly linked in the public’s mind with them. On October 23rd, Stone Cold Jones LLC, the company owned by Chris Jones, claimed that the name is also recognized with the NFL player and unlikely to create market confusion.

It’s also understood that Jones Soda Co. and Stone Cold Brewery have also filed disputes over the name, but Stone Cold Jones LLC. has not yet responded. It now seems this issue could have to be resolved in court.

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