WWE Attempting To Block Claudio Castagnoli’s Trademark Attempt

WWE Attempting To Block Claudio Castagnoli’s Trademark Attempt

Before signing with AEW, many people assumed Claudio Castagnoli, who wrestled as Cesaro in WWE, would be going by the name CSRO after he applied to trademark that term. And while that clearly wasn’t the case, it has now been reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE has filed to oppose Castagnoli’s attempt. Likely claiming it could cause confusion in the marketplace, considering they own Cesaro.

WWE has filed a motion in court to oppose Claudio Castagnoli in attempting to trademark the name CSRO for merchandise purposes.

Dave Meltzer via WON

In the past, WWE got slack on renewing trademarks, and this saw Cody Rhodes apply for several pay-per-view names his father, Dusty Rhodes, created. This would therefore give him the ability to trade them in exchange for his own name Cody Rhodes which he now owns. Since then, WWE has seemingly taken a much stricter approach and just recently attempted to re-trademark Zack Ryder just weeks after Matt Cardona tried to secure it for himself.