Winnipeg Pro Wrestling – Fight At The Museum

Winnipeg Pro Wrestling – Fight At The Museum

Devin Bray is the promoter and founder of Winnipeg Pro Wrestling. Guess where? In Winnipeg, of course! He even graduated from the same high school as Jericho (just a few years later). He explains what inspired him to start WPW, how he managed to grow the company and his fan base, and why dropping a belt is one of the hardest things for a booker to figure out. He talks about some of the WPW regulars like PCO, AJ Sanchez, Red Hot Summer, and the current Champions Bobby Schink and Jody Threat! He shares the gimmick that AEW’s Top Flight (aka Daunte and Darius Martin) used when they wrestled at WPW, and what he thinks about Dungeon Wrestling, the promotion recently launched by Bret Hart’s sons, Blade and Dallas, and Mo Jabari. Plus, he shares details about the card for WPW’s already sold-out, Fight At The Museum, happening April 8th at Alloway Hall at the Manitoba Museum.

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