Will Ospreay Explains Why Someone Had To Read His AEW Contract To Him

Will Ospreay Explains Why Someone Had To Read His AEW Contract To Him

Will Ospreay has been wrestling for AEW for some time due to the promotions working relationship with New Japan. However, back at Full Gear last November, it was announced that he’d signed full-time with Tony Khan’s promotion and was officially All Elite. And now, while appearing on Hey! (EW) he has bravely disclosed that due to how severe his dyslexia is, someone else had to read him his AEW contract before he signed it. Additionally, he would tell those watching that he has both autism and ADHD and is making this public as he wants to inspire others.

“I just want to show people that, like, you know, I’ve got autism. I have ADHD as well. I’m super dyslexic. I can’t read. I had to have someone read my contract out for me. So like, it’s super embarrassing, man, it really is. But, like, I feel I’ve got to the point where I am because of all these things that make me who I am, and I want to inspire people. So, like, a lot of people don’t take risks on people that do have autism around my area. I would like to hope that seeing me doing this stuff does inspire other people.”

Will Ospreay

The 30-year-old English wrestler made his in-ring debut back in 2012 as the masked character Dark Britannico. He then became a fixture on the British independent circuit, working for promotions like Progress Wrestling and Rev Pro. His big break would then come in 2016 when, following the recommendation of AJ Styles, Kazuchika Okada, and Hiroshi Tanahashi, he joined New Japan, where he would achieve great success, having many match of the year’s contenders. Therefore, once he decided to leave the Japanese promotion, both WWE and AEW were very enthusiastic about signing him, with AEW ultimately winning out.