Vampiro Cancels Upcoming Show And Puts Wrestling Promotion And School On Hiatus

Vampiro Cancels Upcoming Show And Puts Wrestling Promotion And School On Hiatus

Final Fight Championship, an MMA organization based out of Croatia with a headquarters in Las Vegas, recently partnered with Vampiro to launch a new wrestling promotion called “Lucha Fight Club Las Vegas.”

Vampiro described the promotion in a recent podcast conversation:

“We’ve got an arena built in the real hotel. We have residency there. When you come there, it is an actual TV studio built with a store outside the arena. In that store the idea is to do meet-and-greets and crazy things. We have obscure toy vendors. We have obscure comic books. We got the craziest merch line that is going to be coming.”

“We have Playboy girls. We have actors. We have musicians. To me, I’m a hardcore punk rock guy. What’s the most successful in our industry as far as musicians are the festivals in Europe. I just want to have that festival environment. You are not just coming for a boring wrestling show, not that wrestling shows are boring. You’re getting a lot of shit for your ticket. That’s cool for people. Something different.”

Unhappily, Vampiro would announce on Facebook that the promotions upcoming show “A Nightmare At FightDome” was being canceled, and the promotion and the school were going on hiatus.

Hey everybody, I have a bit of an unfortunate announcement to make. Regrettably the Nightmare at Fight Dome event at the…

Posted by Vampiro on Tuesday, October 22, 2019


In total, the promotion run 3 shows and the school was open for just 2 months. The promotion had received initial criticism for using Dr. Wagner Jr.’s image on the event poster despite not having him booked.

Vampiro, though, has been dealing with a much more serious situation after he revealed that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He did have a GoFundMe set up to help him with treatment but for an unknown reason closed it before reaching his target.

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