Update On The Future Of “Dark Side Of The Ring”

Update On The Future Of “Dark Side Of The Ring”

Pro wrestling documentary series Dark Side of the Ring has been a big success since it premiered on Viceland in April 2019. The second season’s finale on Owen Hart’s death even gave Vice its highest ever-rated program with 626,000 viewers. On top of that, the show had significant views on YouTube, with both official and unofficial uploads doing millions of views combined. So given that, and with so many fascinating topics still to cover, it seemed inevitable the show would return, and earlier today, a 14 episode third season was officially announced for 2021.

Currently, no topics for the third season have formally been revealed. However, tidbits have come out over recent months, with David Arquette letting slip in an interview he’d been spoken to about a potential Nick Gage episode. Eric Bischoff has also told listeners of his podcast that he was interviewed about Brian Pillman and the Collision in Korea show. Additional PWInsider has reported that Jake “The Snake” Roberts has been interviewed about his father Grizzly Smith, who he holds responsible for his substance abuse issues.

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