Update On Health Of Former Iron Maiden Singer Following Heart Attack 

Update On Health Of Former Iron Maiden Singer Following Heart Attack 

Last month, it sadly was announced that former Iron Maiden singer, Wolfsbane frontman and solo artist Blaze Bayley had suffered a heart attack, and that he and his solo band would have to cancel shows for March and April 

“We sincerely regret to announce that Blaze had a heart attack at home yesterday evening & is now in hospital in a stable condition, awaiting news of further surgery/treatment,” read a post from Mark and Christopher Appleton, his management team in last February. 

Bayley fronted Iron Maiden for two studio albums in the late ’90s, “The X Factor” and “Virtual XI,” and has released a steady stream of quality metal albums ever since while also touring the globe. 

On Wednesday it was reported that Bayley underwent a quadruple bypass surgery, but that he had been discharged after his initial recovery period and is at home. 

“As with our previous update, we are delighted to say that Blaze’s surgery seems to have been a success & we’re really happy to report that he is now released from hospital & is at home to continue his recovery,” read a statement from Bayley’s management. 

“Your messages, cards, merch purchases & donations are appreciated more than you may ever realise. As & when Blaze gets stronger he will have further updates & messages for you.”

The 59-year-old singer released his “War Within Me” album in 2021, and he spoke with Web Is Jericho at the time. 

“I thought, ‘I’ve got to do something positive,’” Bayley said of making the album during a global pandemic. 

“People have been waiting two years for my next studio album, and they’re gonna take me and put me in their head. They’re gonna take me into their car, and I’ll be living in their car with them. They’re gonna take me into their bedroom and put me on their hi-fi.” 

“So when I get there, what am I gonna say to my fans that have supported me loyally and kept me going through the most difficult times? What am I gonna say to them in these difficult times? It has to be good. It has to be uplifting. It has to give each person the feeling that if they think things are hopeless, there is hope. If they feel weak and under siege and they can’t carry on, they can find the strength to carry on. And that’s what I wanted to do.”

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