Trailer Released For “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” Wrestling Documentary

Trailer Released For “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” Wrestling Documentary

Following the movie Ready To Rumble, WCW brought in David Arquette to promote the film and by getting involved in storylines. Initially, he’d wrestle and beat Eric Bischoff on Nitro, and fans were okay with that as some comedy relief. Then thanks to a suggestion by Tony Schiavone, on that week’s edition of Thunder, he’d team with DDP against Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett, with the stipulation being whoever got the pin would be WCW Champion. In a move that shocked the wrestling world, Arquette again pinned Bischoff and won the title. He’d hold the belt for 12 days before losing it at Slamboree 2000 in a triple threat match against Jeff Jarrett and DDP, where effectively gifted the title to Jarrett after turning on DDP.

The whole thing was nonsensical. WCW ultimately had killed their main championship, and Ready To Rumble was a massive commercial failure. It’s fair to say David Arquette getting involved with WCW was a disaster. However, in Arquette’s defense, he was against winning the WCW Championship and only went along with it at Vince Russo’s request. He also donated the money he made working for WCW to the families of Owen Hart, Droz, and Brian Pillman, which was an incredible gesture.

It appeared Arquette was done with pro wrestling, apart from a one-off WWE appearance as, but then he made the surpassing announcement eighteen years of his WCW debacle that he was becoming an indie wrestler. Seemingly Arquette could no longer handle being the butt of wrestling fans jokes, and being in his late 40’s and having suffered a heart attack, he was determined to earn fans respect.

Always being the showman, Arquette partnered with David Darg and Price James to document his redemption story. Titled “You Cannot Kill David Arquette,” the documentary features his sisters Patricia and Rosanna Arquette, ex-wife Courteney Cox, Ric Flair, DDP, and Eric Bischoff. The trailer has just been released, and you can watch it below.

The 90-minute documentary is set to be released on the 28th of August 2020 as a digital release and on-demand.

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