Tony Khan’s Creative Process Revealed

Tony Khan’s Creative Process Revealed

Mike Mansury, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Production for AEW, recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho to talk about his experiences in the wrestling industry. Prior to working at AEW, he worked in production for the WWE for more than a decade, and he shared stories about helping Triple H bring NXT to life, scary moments on TV with Jerry Lawler and surrounding Ric Flair’s health scare, and much more. 

Mansury also talked about working with AEW founder Tony Khan and revealed some insight into his creative process. “There really is a collaborative energy and spirit around here from folks wanting to chip in for stuff that doesn’t even involve them,” Mansury said. “There’s that sort of receptive nature to wanting to collaborate, as opposed to saying ‘Hey this is my sh*t, back off.’” 

Mansury continued: “(Tony and I) work very closely. If you’re a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan, if you’re looking to equate it, I’m the hand of the king. You know what I mean? He’ll come to me with so much stuff. The impetus of my job is I have to bring his vision to life. So, he’ll call me sometimes at the oddest hours with an idea that may come to him while he’s out taking a walk or when he’s at home, or whatever the case may be.”

Jericho asked Mansury to clarify: “Regarding production or storyline?”

“Anything,” Mansury said. “A story, an idea he may have for an angle, an idea for a graphic, you name it. It’s amazing with all that he manages how much attention he devotes to AEW. It’s not everyday you’ve got somebody who has a hand in the family businesses — an NFL franchise, a Premier League team, and then they’re the owner an operator of their own wrestling company. But, this guy operates on a different level man. I find myself just kind of blown away. Like, ‘Where does this guy find the time in the day to think of all this stuff?’ But AEW is always in that mind, and it’s always running. It’s pretty cool to see how he manages everything.” 

Jericho echoed Mansury’s sentiments. “I agree with you,” he said. “Tony is on a different level. I say he has like three brains. He’s got a Fulham brain, which is the Premier League (team) you talked about. He’s got the Jaguars brain, and he’s got the AEW brain. And sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of him. Other times he’ll call me five times in a day just for a minute, or sometimes it’s 10 minutes. But if there’s an idea, he has to get out. It’s there and it comes whenever it can.”

Mansury concluded: “With Tony, it’s a fast moving train. You have to be on par with him, because if you miss him, the opportunity goes by, and it goes by fast. You’ve gotta be on your A game in order to stick with him. When an idea or concept comes to him, he’s gonna shoot it straight out, and you better catch it the first time.”

Listen to the full Talk Is Jericho episode here

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