Tony Iommi Reveals Shocking Act Ozzy Did With Shark Blood

Tony Iommi Reveals Shocking Act Ozzy Did With Shark Blood
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“The Prince of Darkness” Ozzy Osbourne has been celebrating the release of his latest album, “Patient No. 9.” The Andrew Watt-produced album features numerous guitar heroes including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme and Zakk Wylde. The album also marks the first appearance of Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi on an Ozzy solo release. 

Iommi recently spoke with The Daily Star and Ozzy’s prodigious use of drugs over the years was brought up. Iommi recalled a particularly wild story involving Ozzy and a shark. 

“With drugs, always you get bored, so you must do something to one another,” Iommi said. “Like Ozzy hauling a shark through a window, dismembering it and soaking our room in blood.”  

Iommi added that once Ozzy, 73, asked Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward if he could “set him on fire” during another wild night. “Bill, can I set fire to you?” Ozzy reportedly asked Bill. “Busy, so not just yet,” an unfazed Bill reportedly replied. 

Ozzy previously spoke about collaborating with Iommi on “Patient No. 9” saying: “It was really great working with Tony. He’s the riff master. No one can touch him in that respect. I only wish we had these songs for Black Sabbath’s ’13’ album.”

The singer also recently told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that Iommi “used to intimidate the sh*t out of me.” Lowe asked him if that played into his eventual split with Black Sabbath during the band’s initial run. “I just felt like they were the musicians, and I was the singer, and I didn’t have that much to say what went down, you know?,” Ozzy said. “The only thing I did was try to put a melody on there. I couldn’t do it, because it was just too out of my range, you know?”

Though on better terms these days, Ozzy also admitted that reuniting with Black Sabbath was initially a difficult task. “The tours were like stepping back for me,” he said. “It was the same old thing… Tony would say, ‘It’s not an Ozzy show, it’s not your band.’ And [there was] a lot of unsettlement. I didn’t enjoy [it], you know. There was a period of time where we were arch-enemies.”

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