Talk Is Jericho: Unrivaled – AEW Action Figures Come To Life

Talk Is Jericho: Unrivaled – AEW Action Figures Come To Life

Jeremy Padawer, a longtime wrestling fan and partner in Jazwares is the man behind the toy company producing the AEW action figure line! Jeremy explains how the partnership came together, what we can expect from AEW Unrivaled Series 4, 5, and future lines, and why he’s doing a second printing of Series 1. He describes how the figures are made today and how much the process differs from when he was working with WWE on their action figure lines. He also talks about collectible cards, the most coveted and valuable items (including a 1993 Topps Mexico Corazon de Leon card and a 1982 Andre The Giant Wrestling All-Stars card), and why a certain Ric Flair action figure is his favorite. He also addresses the slow shipping during the pandemic, where else the AEW toy line will be available this Spring, and which AEW talent he’s looking forward to making figures for next.


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