Talk Is Jericho: The Horrific Crimes Of The Cookbook Killer

Talk Is Jericho: The Horrific Crimes Of The Cookbook Killer
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Nathaniel Bar-Jonah is the Cookbook Killer, and his crimes are truly as gruesome as his name implies. Nathaniel was eventually convicted of kidnapping, torturing, murdering, and allegedly EATING his victims, all of whom were children! The case is crazy, and Nathaniel managed to evade justice for years! When authorities finally caught up to him, they discovered a recipe book for dishes made with human flesh, human bones, and a list of 100 children’s names (including some of his known victims). True Crimecast’s John and Jamie join to discuss the Cookbook Killer case and explain how Bar-Jonah managed to evade capture for years and the final straw that led to his arrest. They break down his personality traits and mannerisms, known and suspected crimes, and the circumstantial and hard evidence against him.

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