Talk Is Jericho: Pure Narco – Inside the Medellin Drug Cartel

Talk Is Jericho: Pure Narco – Inside the Medellin Drug Cartel

Luis Navia spent 25 years working as a cocaine trafficker for the deadliest Columbian and Mexican cartels, including Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel, before his arrest in Venezuela in 2000. And now Luis Navia, with some help from journalist Jesse Fink, has written a book, “Pure Narco,” about his incredible story. Luis and Jesse recount some of the tales from Luis’ 25 years in the drug business, from how this wealthy Georgetown University graduate ever got involved in the drug trade to how he grew his trafficking empire until his arrest. Luis talks about meeting Pablo Escobar, being kidnapped by the cartel, sharing Easter dinner with a cartel assassin, keeping his identity relatively secret, and how law enforcement finally caught him. Luis also details his thoughts about seeing his real-life friends’ stories in the Netflix series “Narcos” and what it’s been like for him to adapt to regular civilian life.

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