Talk Is Jericho: Ice Nine Kills Murders Spencer Charnas

Talk Is Jericho: Ice Nine Kills Murders Spencer Charnas

Spencer Charnas from Ice Nine Kills is telling stories about his band’s crazy creative, critically-acclaimed new album, “Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood.” Each song on the album was inspired by a different horror movie (including Pet Sematary, Child’s Play, American Psycho, Resident Evil, and more), and the music videos tell a murder story of their own! Spencer talks about the theme approach to writing, the preparation he did for each song, his favorite horror movies, the band’s love of puns, and how they were able to get great guest vocalists (like Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddox) and actors (like Bill Moseley) to participate in the project. In addition, he speaks to the band’s incredible live shows that involve a mini-murder on stage, his hopes to turn it all into a true horror movie screenplay of his own, and why the “Psychos” (INK fans) make it all worthwhile!

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