Talk Is Jericho: How To Escape A Religious Cult

Talk Is Jericho: How To Escape A Religious Cult

Actress, singer & “Trust Me: Cults, Extreme Belief, and the Abuse Of Power” podcast host, Lola Blanc, was only 12-years old when she and her mom unknowingly joined a religious cult run by a man who claimed to be the new LDS (Church Of Latter-day Saints) Prophet. He split them up, and sex trafficked her mom, all in the name of God. Lola recounts the story of how her mom met this self-proclaimed Prophet and fell under his spell, why he separated Lola from her mom, and how they eventually were able to escape. She talks about the harrowing experiences they both faced, especially her mom, how they were able to pick up the pieces and heal despite the ordeal, and why their former cult leader is still leading his cult to this day.

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