Talk Is Jericho: History of the Cavern Club – Home of The Beatles

Talk Is Jericho: History of the Cavern Club – Home of The Beatles

The Beatles made the Cavern Club in Liverpool a household name, and wait till you hear some of the other artists and bands that didn’t play there because it was The Beatles house! Clark Gilmour, who works at the Cavern Club, and Neil Brannon, Manager of the Magical Mystery Tour in Liverpool, share a wealth of trivia and stories from the Fab Four’s early days in Liverpool playing the famous basement club! You’ll hear how their lunchtime shows inspired songs like “Lovely Rita” and “Polythene Pam,” the role that the Cavern Club played in The Beatles meeting manager Brian Epstein, what happened during The Beatles last-ever show at the Cavern, and what brought both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr back to the Club long after The Beatles break up. You’ll also hear the incredible history of the Cavern Club and some of the other legendary acts that played there.

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James Ryder

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