Talk Is Jericho: Ghosts Of Devil’s Perch

Talk Is Jericho: Ghosts Of Devil’s Perch

Everybody has a ghost story in Butte, Montana, the subject of “Ghosts Of Devil’s Perch,” the new paranormal investigative series on Travel Channel and Discovery+. And if you ask the team behind the in-depth investigation, they’ll say it’s probably one of the most haunted places on earth! Paranormal experts Dave Schrader and KD Stafford, along with medium Cindy Kaza, detail some of the experiences that are chronicled in the 8-episode series set in the historic mining town. They share some of their spooky encounters at the Hennessey Mansion, the Cabbage Patch, and The Clark Chateau. Next, they discuss their conversations and findings, the near-death experience that left Dave hospitalized for no medically discernable reason, and the automatic writing episode that left Dave shaken. Finally, they talk about the tragic history of historic residents that set some of this in motion, the geography and minerals in the land that serves as a natural conduit for the spirits, and why they’re all hoping to spend a second season in Butte!

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