Talk Is Jericho: An Audience With Bruce Dickinson

Talk Is Jericho: An Audience With Bruce Dickinson

It’s the return of Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, and he’s dishing the details on his brand-new one-man show, “An Evening with Bruce Dickinson,”. He’s doing 34 dates, crisscrossing the States, and all the ticket info is at! You’ll hear what inspired this outing, how his love of theater, acting, and improv influenced the show, what he adapted from English writer/actor Quentin Crisp, and why Bruce is dead-set on having the audience involved in every show. Bruce also speaks about his love of fencing and what keeps him competing to this day. In addition, he has stories about rehabbing a recent Achilles injury and how that impacted the “Senjutsu” sessions and subsequent tour. Plus, Bruce is also talking about his podcast, “Psycho Schizo Espresso,” breaking down the origin of 666 and revealing some details about Iron Maiden’s future plans!

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